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I'm Open lyrics


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     I'm Open
    >> Pearl Jam
        a man lies in his bed in a room with no door
    he waits hoping for a presence, something, anything, to enter
    after spending half his life searching, he still felt as blank as the ceiling at which he stared
    he is alive, but feels absolutely nothing
    so is he?
    when he was six he believed that the moon over head followed him
    by nine he had deciphered the allusion, trading magic for fact
    no trade backs
    so this is what it's like to be an adult
    if he only knew now what he knew then
    I'm open (2x)
    come on in (4x)
    I'm open (2x)
    come on in (4x)
    lying sideways atop crumpled sheets with no covers
    he decides to dream
    dream up a new self
    for himself
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